Our Approach


    • At Paramount, we realize customers have priorities. Those priorities may be a combination of budget, custom features, energy efficient options, design and layout, or all of the above. We educate you about what options you have based on your home building priorities. We don’t just build your home, we partner with you to create your vision.
    • Our customers are a part of the Paramount family and we take the home building process to heart. Because of this, it is our first priority to first listen and to have close communication with our clients from the first meeting to the time we hand you the keys to your new home.
    • As a partner during this process, if you want our opinion, we are more than happy to offer our expertise and ideas as a collaborative effort to best execute your home design.
    • Our team at Paramount are really passionate about not only building homes, but also about family. We build comfortable and healthy homes for our families, so of course we have the same standards for our customers. Our homes are warmer which translates to “cozier.” We do this by the way we build and insulate the home.
    • We also know how hectic life can be and know the importance of staying healthy. We offer healthy living options which allow you and your family to stay healthy in the walls of your home. Ask us how this works when we plan your home.

Our Mission:

Through homeowner and professional education we will serve our communities by building better, stronger, more energy efficient, healthier homes that are cost effective, comfortable, and affordable to live in.

Our Philosophy:

We strive to serve our clients with honesty, integrity, and to build them a better home. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to find the right building system at any budget and give the freedom to choose what is right for them. Through homeowner education and our professional experience with building technologies and design we can empower our customers to make the best possible decisions.

With an entrepreneurial spirit running deep in the veins of both Jarred & Scott, the two men returned to Bismarck to serve the community and dramatically improve the quality of home construction by finding the right building system for each client. This is why Paramount Builders Inc. has teamed up with Enercept Building Systems to be able to build a stronger and more energy efficient home. It is the goal of paramount builders to find and implement the best ways to fight the rising energy prices and position its clients ahead of the game of rising costs by saving them up to 60% on their energy bills.

Staying connected to everyone on a team is key during the homebuilding process.  At Paramount Builders we really mean it. You stay connected to your build team throughout the process with your online login.  This online system keeps everyone organized and focused and makes you part of the building process.

Our Team

Jared.jpg Image
Jarred Roloff
Operations and Estimates/Owner
Jarred oversees operations in the office. While he would look much cooler ruling with a sword, he usually just rules with coffee and trust knowing the team he has is the best one for your project. This makes the office run smoothly so the job sites of your new home can run smoothly. Jarred also takes care of all the initial estimates and will work closely with your sales consultants to make sure you are getting what you need right from the start.
Scott.jpg Image
Scott Stoeckel
Project Manager/Owner
Scott will manage every aspect in the construction process of your new home, seeing to each stage in detail. He will be your contact to the building professionals so everything is implemented just the way you imagined. From scheduling to construction process, Scott will handle it all; including all business aspects of Axis Concrete.
Reggi.jpg Image
Reggi Glueckert
Architectural Drafter
Reggi is the first step in making your ideas a real part of the built environment. Her experience in architecture and drafting will take your concepts from napkin drawings and “pins” to construction documents ready for the field.
Don.jpg Image
Don Roloff
Business Development/Training
Don is exceptional in both the technical and organizational side of homebuilding. His personality makes him perfect for finding new leads and collaborating with developers while his patience makes him perfect for finishing punch lists and running our safety program.

Our Partners

Bill Fetsch
Axis Construction, Concrete General Manager
Bill is the foreman of our concrete flatwork crew. He is meticulous is his finishing of every slab on grade and basement floor, driveway, sidewalk, and patio.